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Quarantine 101

How is "working from home" life mode treating you so far? Due to the well-known situation in the entire world, most of humanity had to adapt and transform into a whole new way of living very fast.

Remote work requires shifting mindsets and this is quite a challenging thing to do. However, for some people, remote work is something they do on a regular basis and they do know all the strengths and weaknesses. Here are some basic rules you have to follow:
  • Have a plan
    You should plan your day properly, set the aims & targets. It can be a weekly plan as well but make sure you are aware of your every day "to-do" points from the list.
  • This is not a PJ party
    The key idea here is to have or improve your self-discipline to the maximum. Stick to your usual daily routine. Wake up early, leave your bed, have some coffee, dress up well and rock it.
  • Organize a space
    Make sure that your work spot is comfortable and doesn't damage your back. The plug is close enough and if you have plenty of video calls, it will look and feel decent.
  • Coffee-break
    Set up your breaks in order to increase productivity, however, do not fall for household chores, just rest your mind and continue the work. You can also do 15 push-ups, 10 squats or just meditate for like 20 minutes. When you set your own rules and you see that it actually works pretty well, the remote work will become one of the "why I've never done it before" kind of things.
  • PING!
    Get ready to be filled up with the messages from all possible chats that are usually used for remote work (e.g. Slack, Twist, Flock, etc). If you feel overwhelmed or simply don't have the patience to follow it all, just mute the ones you currently don't need, ask your colleagues to call you for something urgent. As well as, some people do prefer to discuss important things "in person", so video call'em.
  • On the same page
    Recap every crucial decision, do a sum-up after each team call. People tend to get distracted easily, forget or mix up things. Hence, better to sum-up all key decisions/tasks and send it over to confirm.
  • Pro-active
    Please note that it is absolutely vital to warn your team/boss/colleague if something is not going to be done on time/not done at all. While working remotely there is less chance that someone will remind you about your deadlines. So write down all your deadlines within to-dos and stick it in front of you.
  • Cut the crap
    Sorry to say that, but you really have to learn how to minimize/avoid the "time-stealing" chit chats. You should also let colleagues know when you are too busy to follow the talk in a group chat/personal message. Practice showed that there is a big chance of spending all day "messaging" here and there, and no work is done.
  • Do not disturb
    If possible, arrange some internal agreement with your family members and set the timing periods when they shouldn't disturb you unless it is really necessary. Yes, might be a bit challenging with the kids, but we bet you can come up with something fascinating for them to do.
  • Fresh air.
    Obviously, do not forget to ventilate both the mind and the room you are working in.
We believe that in every "crisis" there are always pros and cons and that everything happens for the reason.
Today's worldwide situation with the pandemic can be definitely frightful & overwhelming, however, it can also become a great opportunity to unlock all your superpowers, to improve your self-discipline, to learn plenty of new things and simply spend more time with your loved ones. Make it worthy.

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