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I Have My Own Team.
Why Do I Need Outsourcing for Extension and App Development

How Own Team Develop Extension
When developing an extension or an app, it is obvious to delegate it all to the development department. Otherwise, what do you pay them for?:)

Now let's see what issues can occur while assuming that your team is familiar with the product, they do work smoothly, and are being very loyal to the company for decades.

Well, firstly, it is no secret, especially for those involved in the IT field that each team member can be more wide or narrow experienced. However, is there a team in your department that has been developing extensions for 18 years and well aware of all the pitfalls? Doubt so.

Secondly, in-house developers are usually very busy, and the lack of experience does not allow you to request all resources at once, calculate the budget, and set deadlines.
So what do you get as a final result? Extension development takes half a year instead of a couple of months. Your specialists will definitely face some problem areas and your project manager won't be able to justify the growing cost of that development.

You might wonder why we are saying all that so confidently? Mainly because of dozens of customers have contacted us after such a bad experience. This is not an exceptional case but 99% confirmed being a regular situation.
Alex Demidov
BestToolBars COO
Why Choose Us?
We simply have a whole range of experience in e-commerce development, custom development & middle integrations. We're not scared to involve new advanced technologies and to experiment, but we stand for the KISS and DRY principles.
We comply with all the requirements of affiliate networks, avoid cookie stuffing, cashback stealing etc.
Compliant with GDPR
We fully comply with anti-virus policies and go through their phishing anti-malware filters, whitelist in all anti-viruses
Match your privacy policy
Integrate with any services and technologies
We comply with guidelines and know-how to quickly publish in all directions (FireFox, Chrome, Microsoft, Apple)
Adopting reacts and vue when it rises. Applying .js language features
Reactive server logic with spring webflux when we expect load grown. Simple node js for simplicity
Our goal is to understand your challenge and provide a solution that fully satisfies your expectations. Usually, it ends up with close and long-term relations with our clients.
Alex Demidov
BestToolBars COO
What is so special about our developers? They are experienced geeks and more important, they are open to new things.

They are those people who understand the subtle connection between business issues and technical solutions.

But a single person is not able to do much without understanding the context and engaging in the dialog with you directly or via the project manager. So our formula is:
developer + experience + context + dialog = solved business problem.

Moreover, the implementation process, as well as the constant technical support of your project, is our priority goal. Therefore, you will have your own team of fully dedicated developers. In this case, you do not have to pay enormous taxes and get constant headaches within the employment /sick leaves/leave/dismissal etc.

Our aim is to ensure uninterrupted work 24/7 and in case of holidays or illnesses, we are still able to provide the needed workforce. And it is quite valuable because deadlines have to be met no matter what.
Got Approval from TOP Companies
Have a look at reviews from our regular customers such as Rakuten,, and others on our website.

And let us know if you have any questions or just willing to discuss your business case.
Success Stories
  • François Duprat
    Head of Product in RAKUTEN FRANCE
    L'équipe de "Besttoolbars" est d'un grand professionnalisme avec une très grande réactivité à toutes les questions / développements à prioriser. Les livrables sont toujours de très bonne qualité avec quasiment aucun bug. Ce fut un réel plaisir de travailler avec eux.
  • Eddie Alberty
    Vice President of Strategic Partnerships in SHOP.COM
    SHOP.COM has been a customer of BestToolBars for many years and their technology coupled with excellent customer service has been able to provide us with the assurance that the decision did worth it. As the assurance – their software increased our business over 42%. And what Is remarkable: they are easy to work with and get the job done, and fast!
  • David Ohanessian
    Founder & CEO in MILES BOOSTER
    Working with BestToolBars is an incredible experience for MilesBooster. They are a professionals team with a wide scope of skills, ready to solve the tasks which are not always in their usual scope of development, but nevertheless, they're always making their tasks properly. Communication is very comprehensive and easy and always has been great. Highly recommended with all the best wishes! Regards from Paris
  • Craig Cassata
    Founder and president in MR.REBATES
    Mr. Rebates Inc. has worked with BestToolBars for several years now and we're very happy with the results. Their engineers always deliver a top notch and high-end product as well as they strictly stay in schedules, keeping themselves on time with a clear and understandable system development life cycle. We would proudly highly recommend BestToolBars to any company looking for assistance in the loyality or coupon marketplace anywhere around the web.
  • Nicholas J.W. Lee
    Co-founder & CTO in FLIPGIVE
    Besttoolbars has been a great partner and definitely kept us one step ahead with their sharp eye knowledge and insights in the cashback industry holding on the edge of the trends in market sphere
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Our goal is to understand your challenge and provide a solution that satisfies your expectations. This ends up in close and long term relations with our clients.
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