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Has COVID Changed the Way Users Buy Products?

French Market Overview.

In France, during the COVID period, spending on basic necessities increased sharply as a percentage of purchases per month.

Indeed 75% of purchases were made on food products.

While it is, therefore, visible that spending on clothing has fallen by 63%, those devoted to electrical equipment by 46% and those reserved for beauty and health products by 44%.

Jean-Marc Laget
Sales Development Director

21 million French consumers who were previously reluctant about e-commerce plan to prioritize their purchases over the internet over retail.

40% of consumers said they bought for the first time online due to the Covid-19 circumstances.

Moreover, 32% of French consumers today say they are ready to reduce the frequency of their visits to physical stores.

The rate of consumers who usually make more than half of their purchases online has increased between 25% and 80% depending on the country in Europe since the very start of the pandemic.

To illustrate this change in behavior, 72% of consumers plan to permanently change their purchasing habits and continue to use e-commerce to do their shopping.

As a result, forecasts are 3 billion in France in 2020 of additional online sales, which really illustrates the impact of the COVID on the change in consumption habits and the fact of favoring online purchases rather than going to the stores.


  • 1
    Get a user's trust
    A wide field of work allows you to select various strategies ranging from loyalty programs, browser extensions, cash back discounts, giving it the best deals with discount coupons. It is also absolutely crucial to engage tools for automated coupons/deals search, so users don't have to spend hours trying to find the best deal out there. This is where the Auto-Apply coupon tool can be very useful. You can find more details about this awesome technology here.
  • 2
    Anticipate the pain
    The desire to buy something good and quickly is also a pain. Your task is to always stay focused on your customer and to understand them as deeply as possible. If your user wants to do something and you show up exactly when they want to solve it and you've really helped them, you count them as satisfied.
  • 3
    Be Visible and Simple
    In order to be visited more often on your website. In addition, the functionalities must be very easy to use. If your customer uses your product, let's assume they are happy with its functionality. If your user wants to buy the sneakers at a good price and hassle-free, they will definitely not want to see the milkshake advertisements and even more so, they will be disappointed that they cannot use the service due to difficulties in understanding how everything works(e.g.UI/UX).
  • 4
    Make cart shopping easier for your users
    Make your user think they are really important to you. In fact, it's essential, but that's not the point. Try to tailor your service to the desires of each customer, keep information about shopping trips, favourite products, or personalized choices. Make them think you remember everything to make their shopping easy, fast, and pleasant.

    Nowadays the majority of users spend much more time on smartphones than on a computer screen so you must be present on mobile for these weekend choices, for their travel urges, to buy their clothes. Stop losing your mobile traffic and grab your users by implementing the mobile browser extension.
To conclude, each market and every country has been definitely affected by the pandemic, however, it is very important to act quickly and infuse all possible strategies, tactics, and digital tools for your e-commerce business to flourish further.
We at BestToolBars do our best to keep up with the latest technology trends and advise your business to do the same thing.

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