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Top 6 E-commerce Design Trends in 2020

Web design in 2020 is all about intuitiveness and making websites maximum user friendly. Trends for web design are changing year by year, however, that doesn't always mean that you have to instantly apply all of them to your brand.

Moreover, there are some trends that hit the market once in a while, and there are some of them which just continue to evolve and improve. It is also essential to understand that apart from the visual components, the content is the key to your customers' eyes. 2020 is the year of functionality and clarity. The goal and message that you are willing to deliver should be very clear and simple at the same time.
In order to keep up with the trends, you should be aware of some interesting data first:

90% of users have left the website because of its poor design

93% of consumers have left the website because it didn't display properly on a device they were using

Now let's hit the design trends:
  • 1
    Change The Conversation Completely
    If your conversion is not happening it is quite logical to change the strategy completely. Do the research, analyze, optimize, and find out where exactly and why your audience is lost. There is a human behind every single click, remember this. Try to change the design, content, or navigation.
  • 2

    Guest checkout option
    Not every person who browsers your store will necessarily have an account with it. So make sure you can offer a guest checkout for a user to cut out any friction of purchasing items and to save their time.
  • 3
    Polls & reviews
    Never undervalue the power of reviews. According to research, around 80% of consumers rely on online reviews and trust it just as much as they trust friends and family recommendations. It is also essential to implement customer survey polls in order to reveal how you can improve your services, increase loyalty and boost the conversion. Polls extension feature is one of our major digital tools to be used for retail/eCommerce businesses.
  • 4
    Navigation & user experience
    A site easy to "consume" should not overload users with too many images or content. Don't get in the way of your customers and let them find what they came for. Instead, you should guide them on their journey, use carefully placed design elements, remember about mobile users, and do the user experience testing. Also, do not forget to upgrade or optimize your UX/UI, because something that worked a year ago, can not work that well today. Keep in mind that humans engage based on emotions and first impression matters. Check on your wording, style, layout, and white space. Otherwise, you can always entrust this business to specialists.
  • 5
    E- Support
    Landing on your website/web extension is just the start of any user journey. In order to get them closer to purchase, you need to carefully provide all the information they need. And in case the user is confused about how your site or extension works, you can implement an online consulting feature, which will not only increase the conversion and loyalty but will also help you to understand all weak points.
Keep in mind that you can always entrust it to experts.

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