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5 Ways Cashback and Coupon Services Can Adapt Digital Marketing Strategy at Current Times

Admit and acknowledge the new reality is not an easy task to do. However, the sooner you can realize that – the more time you will have for re-considering, re-shaping, and crafting all internal processes which directly affect the prosperity or simply the existence of your business. We believe that all marketing teams working pretty hard now and doing their best to readjust accordingly.

Frankly speaking, these 5 points can be quite helpful for almost any business out there, whether you are B2B or B2C. Let's begin

Make your customers feel that they are not alone. The current situation is all about establishing trust. Do your very best to provide a superior customer experience so they will be coming back. If possible, guide them on how to navigate during the hard times and actually take some actions to support and help when it's needed the most.

  • Go digital
Digital marketing is the key to business survival. Build your online presence and keep it flowing. A strong online brand presence is the need of the day. Do not forget to communicate via social media channels. As people are now very active online, the real-time dialogue is something that will help you to build the relationship, trust, and gather all essential feedback. Don't be afraid to experiment with new digital products & tools, these actions will be very much appreciated by the audience. Also, you might have some extra time to fix and improve all these imperfections for your website, online store, etc. You might think of creating a separate landing page devoted to all activities/promotions related to the pandemic situation.

  • Content
This is a very sensitive part. Whatever you share online with your publics, will be analyzed in detail down to every comma. So you have to be extremely careful about every single word. Generate content that is valuable to your consumer. This can be: guides on how to save up more money, useful blog posts on how to stay fit during the lockdown, case studies, webinars, podcasts, FAQs, giveaways, etc. Provide some real tangible solutions and share something that will definitely help or cheer your user up.

  • Compassion
The momentum when we must all help each other, people can help businesses and visa versa. It is time to start thinking outside the box and come up with some innovative ideas and actually make a difference. People trust brands now more than the government. You may want to re-think your offerings or to provide a maximum amount of cashback for the most essential items. Also, you can raise some money for a good cause. Try to find ways to help or affect the crisis situation and do not ignore it.

  • Good cause
Even though things may be not too smooth at the moment, you can still reach out to your customers and initiate something for a better cause. Do not underestimate the power of social entrepreneurship. Humans automatically, or even subconsciously, trust those who are active or not too much but still trying to support and help in the crisis situation. So in case you have some great cause to support in mind, do not be afraid to share it with the audience.
We don't know yet if things will ever return to 'normal', however, what matters now is not the outcome, but hoe we all go through this journey.

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