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Top 3 Tips on ASO Techniques For Cashback & Coupon Apps That You Should Try in 2020

If you are already familiar with the idea of SEO then ASO would make sense to you. So basically what ASO allows to do is simply make your app visible and discoverable in the stores (e.g. App Store, Google Play etc.). The logic behind the SEO is the same as for ASO - using keywords to bring you to the top of the search so users can find you faster. So why App Store Optimization is important?

Today, more than 5 million apps are available to download from the App Store & the Google Play Store and its number is increasing rapidly. This means that your app is definitely facing some tough competition.

In case you want to know key differences between ASO & SEO, here they are in one pretty clear format (source)
As of today, the borderline between the desktop & mobile is dissolving more and more, and both Web marketing and App marketing are integrating together.
Basically, one main difference between ASO and SEO is the complexity, or at least what we know about the ASO ranking factors. Also, as you can see, the goals of each optimization various: when SEO is a traffic driver, the ASO is aiming downloads. As you might guess, both of them are absolutely compatible, and to maximize the effect, you should merge them. Taking SEO into account, it enhances your website to be more prominent in the search engines. While the ASO operates on a similar logic except that it is designed for App stores that feature Mobile applications. By combining both the powerhouses for a single goal will demonstrate their top potential in terms of performance.

Checklist for ASO

While talking about ASO optimization, usually specialists provide a checklist, including basic points which you surely have to take into account, such as:
  • 1
    competitor analysis
  • 2
    writing the right app description
  • 3
    including video & screenshots of your app
  • 4
    KYC & research it well
  • 5
    Maximizing the Keywords
  • 6
    Using a unique and well-tested icon/logo
  • 7
  • 8
    Regular update, of course

This is all good and clear, however, the subject that we would like to touch on here is more narrowed to ASO techniques for cash back and coupon apps in particular.

The key aim for such apps is to drag users from the desktop to mobile, right? So they don't get lost in competitor's websites/apps. In order to do achieve that, you should follow the next tips:
  • Launch retargeting campaign on social media, google, and email, using your current user base. Google Ads should cover mobile devices & apps only, this is where your target audience is. For email distribution also use the actual base and add bonuses for installation. Also, you can include banners usage for your website.
  • Search for CPA networks, where your key audience is based. Such networks are capable to track and analyze various actions that people take with apps such as purchases, conversions, lead sales, and more. It encourages traffic and helps you to get the right users. You can find a top list of CPA networks just by google search.
  • Encourage ratings and feedback. Reviews - this is what Cashback & coupon services users mostly rely on. A consistent flow of positive reviews serves as the highest possible validation of your app's quality and one of the highest determinants of rank. While all rewards apps are free of charge, feedback is something that adds a great value. To encourage it, you should ask proactively, identify your most engaged users, and ask them to rate the app.
Users enjoy being helpful, being the part of something big. In return, you can propose some benefits (e.g. more content, discounts, store, or new functionality). Last but not least, you should use your social media channels to get feedback.

The optimization process, in general, requires a deep understanding of the product itself, needs in-depth analysis and research. So if you have any more questions on that topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

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