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Can I use SERP Injection Feature to Activate Cashback or Deals?

There are billions of web searches conducted every month, you can even track the number live here Search Engine Results Page aka SERP injection means your icon will be displayed next to relevant listings on major search engines such as Google. This immediately alerts the user that they can get cashback from you for purchasing on these sites. Studies show that icons next to search results help users to make a decision regarding merchant choice much quicker.
Everyone is aware that there are some restrictions on this feature related to the requirements from companies that provide search engines to the market. The key aim of this feature is pretty simple - to highlight the related merchants in order to offer your deals or provide cashback/discounts to the users. The injection can also display messages, telling the user how much of a cashback they can get from the merchant.
— However, the most agitated debate arises consistently: whether it's possible to add affiliate parameters to the link and other UTM tags when the user clicks by injection in SERP?
— And the answer is — NOT REALLY!
Why? Mainly, because there are several methods of "injection". If you embed your injection inside the existing one with a DOM-tree node, then the event handler attached to it will blaze on top of your event handler.
Solution: Do the injection next to the tag, not inside the tag. You can use the appendChild() method and by doing so the tag will be fully under your control. Also, assign your event handler that will not conflict with others. Last but not least, you can "drag n drop" your users to the right place by applying the affiliate parameters and other required UTM tags.
In which case, if you change the start link, it won't be overlooked and as a result, you might face poor consequences from companies that provide the search engines. One of them could be the elimination of your extension from the extension store and, evidently, you'll get abundant from any further cooperation.
Have a lovely SERP.

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