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Why You Underestimate the Power of the Retention Rate


There's None So Blind as They That Won't See

What do you do each month?

Increase or optimize marketing budget, carrying out the endless optimization of the website and application, testing new advertising channels, creating new super-promotions in an continuous race for the new customers. Top companies in cashback sphere just buy less successful services because it goes cheaper than buying new traffic from scratch.

Stop. Here are the numbers which should force you to overview your race participation.

Money Talks

Numbers do not lie. Saving the customers brings dozens of tons of ROI for a company.
  • Retention Rate <15%
    Retention rate of the most companies in cashback sphere is less than 15%
  • +57% Revenue Per User
    Repeated customers spend 57% more with your service
  • New user costs you 5-25 times more
    Getting new customer is 5-25 times more expensive rather than saving the existing one
  • +5% RR gives +25-95% in profit
    5% retention rate growth can grow the profit up to 25-95%
Numbers do not lie. Saving the customers brings dozens of tons of ROI for a company.
78% of loyal customers are willing to spread the words to their friends and family.

As a bonus: Work with the client's retention, grow their loyalty and you'll get the new customers free. 92% of people prefer recommendations what proves that Word-To-Mouth marketing is the most powerful marketing. Just count how much does your referral program cost to you,

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

So how to work on the retention rate growth? You can start the retargeting marketing campaigns, generate the endless emails competing in wit with each other in order to be opened and not to be sent in spam instantly.

Instead of that you can just start using your extension on maximum.

All in Good Time

Just imagine that you can catch your user right exactly when he is making a decision of a purchase. Hawking up statistics of our clients says that showing your offer in time grows the number of purchases for each user from 1-2 to 5-7 per year.

Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks

Do you already use the coupon auto applier? Make your clients life easier and get pleasure from the money flow. It's a total win-win.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Your extension is not generating the mega flow of profit and even more - being deleted during first month? Work on the usability. Test the most easy and elementary cases the top players solutions. See the difference in usage comfort? Then work with your extension! Make it as much easy to use as even the granny will easily use it.

Better Late Than Never

You still do not have your own extension? Look on the leaders of cashback sphere and online coupons .

I'll open you a secret. Development of the extension doesn't cost the enormous money and it takes only 2 months to be done.

But if we're talking about the retention rate - during the year you can grow it up to 12-15 %. Count the perspective by yourself. How much clean profit you'll get from a plugin without any hidden conditions and abusing offers

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