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Comparison in E-commerce: A Natural Part of the Decision-Making Process

Today it is easier than ever for a shopper to compare hundreds of items and prices in just a few clicks. However, in case you are missing this feature on your web page, the probability of customer loss will be big. According to statistics, 36% of consumers would be "much more loyal" to a retailer who provides a price comparison feature. While 78% would likely return to a site that shows competitors' prices. And 63% of consumers say they would like to see competitors' prices on a retailer's site. Impressive, isn't it?
Comparison shopping is quite a common practice, where consumers surf and compare multiple products from multiple retailers before making a final purchase decision. Price is frequently a deciding factor, yet reviews and quality of service can also play a great role.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the consumer will actually purchase from your web-page, they might return to use the comparison tool, but will it boost your conversion?

That's why comparison shopping is considered to be one of the biggest issues for eCommerce.
You should note that a consumer is never quite sure they've found the best deal. They can spend hours searching for something better out there. That's why it is essential to make it clear that the best offer is right in front of them.

We at BTB created the price comparison tool, which helps to completely eliminate the doubts. This web extension feature allows the user to choose the best offer for a particular item from all the merchants. As well as, to activate a cashback/coupon while searching on some 3rd party website. Moreover, the user, while searching for the item will get not only the best deal out there, but also it will be very precise without any other related items.

Clearly, retailers/shops do struggle a lot with comparison shoppers and spending a crazy amount of time and money to attract and retain the users. Even though the nature of this type of shoppers can not be eliminated completely, it can be managed still.

Here you can find some pretty useful tips on how to prevent comparison shopping.

But let's take a closer look at actual weaknesses of comparison in eCommerce.
  • 1
    Lack of Accuracy
    Well, firstly, if you are not providing accurate and up-to-date prices, you could end up with lots of legal problems. It is obvious that posting the wrong information will create a negative impression that could last forever in your customer's mind. And in turn, it will lead to a loss of trust. Showing accurate prices and item's description is essential.
  • 2
    Search results issue
    This one is applied more for online coupons and other rewards providing companies, rather than just retailers. However, the problem with search results can be familiar to anyone. For instance, while the user searches for iPhone 11 on a coupon/cashback website, he/she will see plenty of related items like cases, earphones, glass protectors, etc. It makes the initially searched item and its price 'disappear' out of users' sight. Most probable, that he/she won't be bothered to scroll deep down to find exactly what he\she was looking for at the first place.
It is crucial to analyze, learn, and optimize processes and products as you go. For the past 18 years, we at BTB have learned how to deal with all imperfections of users' shopping trips as well as to significantly improve user experience and prevent issues, including ones in the article.

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