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Why the Pandemic Could Be the Catalyst for the Rise of Digital Coupons Usage

As we know, eCommerce has witnessed a great shift in consumer behavior. Instead of making potentially risky visits to physical stores, they are now spending online. And as more people are shopping online, the demand for digital savings opportunities is thriving.

According to the research, growth in digital coupon services across the top 30% of national grocery chains has reached 93% year-over-year since March 1. And the minimum share of U.S. adults who will be using digital coupons this year is 60%. Quite impressive numbers, right? And this market will continue to grow. Well, it's quite obvious that people are trying to save money here and there during the tough times and paying close attention to every penny spent.
Moreover, savings, offers, or cashback are encouraging consumers to try new services/products, stimulate interactions, and boost satisfaction level among users. Thus, increasing the frequency of their shopping and the average order value per purchase.

However, this digital shift in the e-commerce market will displace completely paper coupons. Apart from having a probability of a potential germs transmitter, paper coupons are just not matching the current circumstances, where digital coupons are flourishing right along with the global user move to eCommerce. For now, the research shows that almost half of all consumers prefer mobile coupons over printed paper coupons.
No wonder why many big companies started to implement cashback/coupon programs, e.g. Samsung, Vodafone. These types of savings-oriented tactics, when deployed correctly, can help to increase brand loyalty, connect with new/more customers. During crisis times, people are paying closer attention to what brands do and prefer those who can offer the best value for money. There is more possibility to come out ahead of the economic decline if making your consumer's daily life more affordable.
Another crucial role of digital coupon offers growth is to rejuvenate the economy, which can be done both on a government side and a brand's side.
Last but not least, do not forget about the quality of digital tools, make sure they are user friendly and easy to navigate. Give us a shout if you are looking to develop something special for your coupons/cashback services. We know all about it.

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