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Another Most Popular Browser Extension Use Case

Deal seeking gaining momentum as we speak. According to the recent research, 75% of Americans are currently seeking out more coupons, deals and promo codes while shopping online. It has become an integral part of e-commerce culture under the current circumstances. By implementing the browser extension, users save much more time on finding such offers. Below, you will find a step by step use case on how all the magic happens. Let's begin!

User interaction with a browser extension starts with its installation.

The developer provides the Company with a script that allows adding the following scenario:

If the user, who visits the Company's website, doesn't have an extension, the notification to install the extension will appear automatically.

This notification includes data about benefits that the user can achieve with the browser extension (i.e. Never miss best deals and save time by using coupons auto-apply option), a short description, and a CTA button to download the extension from the browser gallery.

Highlights partner's stores on the search engine

Browser extension highlights partner's stores on the search engine result page (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo). Great thing is that this functionality does not contradict the policies of search engines since it does not affect the search results.

In time notifications

Browser extension monitors when the user visits the partner's store page and displays a notification about the opportunity to earn cashback.

Thus, for the user who has the extension installed it does not really matter where the shopping trip was started from.

Personalize services and communications

After the cashback is successfully activated, the browser extension displays a confirmation notification that automatically closes by the timer.
Extension monitors when the user visits the partner's store cart/checkout page and displays a notification about the opportunity to apply available coupons automatically.
After the coupon is successfully applied, the browser extension displays a confirmation notification with the coupon code and the amount of money saved.
Both the Price comparison option and price change alerts are also available for the browser extension.
The idea behind it is next: when a user visits a product page, the browser extension parses this product data and requests the Company's database to match such a product better price.
A browser extension shows the product's cost from different partner stores, as well as how much money users will save using the Company's services. Also, it displays confirmation notification when the user finds the best price.
It is worth noting the effectiveness of the functionality when users have the opportunity to set up alerts about price changes.
The peak season 2020 is just a couple of weeks away and it's time to act effectively and make your user's shopping experience smart and pleasant!

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