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Why Mobile Browser Extension is Always a Good Idea?

Imagine if you can completely exclude scenarios where you lose the users right now. And usually, these problematic scenarios look like this.

Customer's user journey starts within:
  • search engines
  • social media
  • ads or newsletters
  • competitor's website

Alex Demidov
So what the mobile browser extension can do to solve the issues? Firstly, it will help to return the user when the journey was NOT started from your mobile application. We simply add the library to the mobile applications thus allowing to interact with the customer within the mobile browser. Caution! When implementing this product apart from saved money & time, you might get significant improvements in the purchase experience.

It will also affect the next metrics:

  • 1
    Increased retention Rate
  • 2

    Increased user's LTV
  • 3
    Increased average order value
  • 4
    Increased number of additional purchases per user
  • 5
    Increased GMV
  • 6
    Minimized order cost
  • 7
    Improved marketing campaign
This technology is pretty new on the market and has been implemented in only 2 companies worldwide. So far it has been showing awesome results. One real-life story (cashback platform) that we have on us to show-case, has demonstrated splendid results. Initially, the retention rate on the platform was 17%. We've hit 150k installs and 53% of the retention on mobile traffic after 6 months since the mobile app with the browser extension was launched.
  • It allowed growing the overall retention rate by 27%
  • 3 - This is the number of additional purchases per user in just 6 months
  • Cost per order decreased by 42%

At the moment, we are providing 2 options based on this technology: Cashback reminder & Auto-Apply coupons.

There are more details can be discovered in presentation such as user flow for both Android & iOS, as well as the list of available browsers & stack of technologies.
We at BestToolBars do our best to keep up with the latest technology trends and advise your business to do the same thing.

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