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How to Increase Customer Retention Rate

User engagement is a very important key to your success in online shopping process. It consists of various aspects some of which will be described below.

  • Increase quality on most popular merchants and offers. Provide best user experience
    Increase quality on most popular merchants and offers. Today technical progress allows to perform a deep monitoring of your user's behavior. And it's quite important to pay attention to that because if you'll manage to appear to your user exactly when it's really needed he will be much more satisfied than if he will be constantly annoyed by an abusive ads.
  • Make a search engine – works almost always.
    No one argues that global search engines are working good and efficient. But you still need to sort many results to find the one exact that you need. But if your user is already on your website then it's a great opportunity to provide him with an engine that allows to search exactly what he needs and working on your and his pleasure.
  • Top offers and deals by regions and language
    Of course we all understand that to keep growing you need to enlarge your audience. But what if you have already reached your top level in your region? The answer is simple – try another one. You may not even know that your target audience is already existing and waiting for you. Add new languages, simplify the shopping process, invade new regions. Take what is yours.
  • Only needed functionality
    If your customer has your product and using it – never overload your product with unnecessary functionality. People use only things that really work. If you'll make your product heavier, less understandable and useful – that's a way for a fast loss of your audience
These simple offers are not a fantasy. In our company we're making a result predictable and stable. And basing on our experience we can say that even these three points can grow your audience retention rate in times. Making all these steps in one hit are available by using our solutions like browser extensions or mobile apps. Want to know how – call us.

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