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How Extensions Made Revolution on the Coupon Online Market


Coupon's History

Using coupons is not something new nowadays. People got used to it. But have you ever thought about how old is this thing? According to the TIME issue the first coupon campaign was organized by Coca-cola company in far 1887. And significant fact is that it was one of the reasons why Coca Cola evolved from a small pharmaceutic tonic into a market-dominating drink.

Coupons in Our Days

Less history – more facts – coupons are still very actual and useful. And no surprise that they're evolving too. Not a long time ago you had to find the coupon in the newspaper or flyer, cut it out, bring it to shop and then you can receive your discount or special offer. Useful but not quite comfortable.

During time the online shopping started to rise significantly. So as a next step - coupons also migrated to the internet. But at the beginning to process of appliance was similar – look for coupon via newspapers or internet. Copy the code, input the code when necessary and get your best. Yes, it became easier, but still there are some unnecessary steps.


Meet CAA

And now we're proud to say that we make it as easy as it ever could be. Coupon Auto apply functionality or CAA technology. All you need to do is only one click and the system will look for the best offer throughout the whole internet, choose the best and productive offer, apply it and only thing that you will see is just a result. Splendid.
Want to make your users more loyal, happier and make their life easier and shopping process more adorable – integrate it and you won't regret.

Basing on the experience and calculations – a regular user grows his number of purchases in 7 times so it really works and works quite well. And we're always happy to help if our assistance is needed.

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