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Emotional Loyalty = Repeat Purchases

Every year we are facing a whole new set of retail challenges and there is a constant feeling of an urgency to adapt quickly. It seems like an endless race, right? However, to keep your customer's emotional loyalty should not be a seasonal thing. Let's have a closer look at the well-known repeat-purchase metric and its trends.

  • Keeping a customer happy throughout the whole shopping process will directly lead to repeat behaviour as well as increase the loyalty intentions or simply praise your service with some nice feedback. Therefore, in order to engage today's contemporary shopper, retailers should be looking for new opportunities/trends such as how they can improve the post-purchase phase of the shopper journey.
Emotional loyalty is really hard to break once you get it. So you have to make sure that the customer journey works just fine: get rid of any unwanted communication or irrelevant pop-ups, make them feel that they are recognised and appreciated. By 2020, 51% of emotionally-engaged consumers expect retailers to anticipate their needs and make more relevant product suggestions.
Today's consumers do not want to be judged just by what they buy or how much they spend. All they eager today is to get personalised experience, as much as possible. Starting from addressing the customer from their name when they log in, giving out discounts on their birthdays, implementing referral programs or simply suggesting the right size in case you have all the data needed. Consumers are willing to hand over their data but only when they know they will have something valuable and quite special in return.
And finally remember, while timely producing new features/products and following up with all trends, you move a step closer to get more repeat purchases and as a result to maximise the revenue.
You can always contact us for more information regarding your exact case/service.

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