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Everything You Need to Know about Our New Coupons Auto-Apply Ecosystem

The key goal of this service is to allow our customers to focus on their business goals without wasting time on technical issues. Precisely speaking, the service is designed to simplify and improve the working process for product owners/managers, when it comes to data: statistics & analytics.

Besttoolbars provides a range of services such as maintenance of configuration files, analysis of the effectiveness and results of the coupons auto-apply module by introducing the access into the CAA Ecosystem Dashboard and Configuration files Management Tool.

Our QA engineers do the checkups on a 24/7 basis and guarantee the expected result.

Moreover, the product doesn't require any additional set up: all you do is just integrate our coupons auto-apply module and set up events transferring to the analytics module.

The dashboard includes next sectors:

Production statistics

Here you can see the number of stores with and without coupons, the number of stores with coupons in production, and in QA stages. The same real-time data is presented in percentages and also can be searched by the store's name to view the specific data for each one.
Production statistics real time dashboard
The line graph in this section shows all the data in comparison for the selected period.
Production statistics diagram
Coupons auto-apply statistics by clicks

In this section, you get the real-time data for the last 7 days by default and the line graph, where you can pick the period needed. It includes such data as:

  • Number of show/close events
  • Number of start/cancel events
  • Number of success events
  • Close/start rate
  • Cancel/success rate
Diagram CAA statistics by clicks
Coupons auto-apply statistics by merchants

Here you will find the same data as in the previous one, but based on stores. Also, there are such metrics as:

  • Success events / Number of configs in production ratio
  • The percentage ratio of stores with show events to stores with coupons in production
  • The percentage ratio of stores with start events to stores with show events
  • The percentage ratio of stores with success events to stores with start events
  • The line graph shows the whole picture clearly and with all details.
Diagram statistics by merchant
Discount statistics

This is probably the most useful and attractive part of this tool because here you can see exactly how much users have saved, what is the average cart & discount values (in currency), and average discount in percentage.
Discount statistics
The bar graph displays the average cart value and the average discount value which helps you to visually understand the relationship between these two indicators.
Discount statistics diagram

And finally, the Report section summarizes the selected period of time as well as gives the full report with the store's name. It automatically generates and identifies the most profitable stores, which in turn allows you to build a network of priorities and ratify a plan to improve proposals for a specific block of stores.
Report screen

Key product characteristics:

  • Fast integration into the current client's browser extension - 5 working days, which allows you to fully cover the 2020 sales season (November - December).

  • Flexible policy for connecting the required stores - only relevant partner stores, selected for the needs of a particular client.

  • No need to spend resources on the client's side for integration and monthly support.

  • Fixed subscription cost, logically divided by blocks/options.

  • The ability to assess not only the effectiveness of CAA functionality but also to identify key growth points in sales on the client's side by improving content - for instance, a case when a store has a high click rate but does not have coupons, indicates the need to assign a task to the team responsible for the content.
Contact us to get direct access to the dashboard and test it yourself.

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