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What do users value in cashback services and which ones do they prefer?

Cashback sites enable you to earn back money as you shop, allowing users to stretch their shopping budget even further. Using cashback services is one of the easiest ways to get more out of buying experiences. They help you "earn back" the money you spend so you can make your shopping budget stretch further. So let's see what regular users value in cashback services the most?

Big cashback

It goes without saying, that the bigger the cashback % - the better. The number can go up to 10-15%, depending on a service and a store. Also, users can get a double cashback, which is a great saving option.

Easy to use

Both UX & UI are very important when it comes to rewards services. It is essential to make it all smart and easy to use. Don't make your user wait or search for the deals for too long.

Your cashback will be actually activated

It is really disappointing for users to find out that the cashback that has been activated, didn't reach the "destination" for some reason and service says that it was not there in the first place. So make sure that nothing gets lost on the way. Otherwise, it may result in a great user loss.

Easily activated

In order not to lose your users, it is essential to provide them with opportunity to easily activate the cashback via browser extension or an app. Make their shopping trip faster and easier so they don't go to the cashback website searching for stores there.

The more, the better

The bigger your variety of stores/shops - the better. Try to get as much murchants in your service as possible.

The quicker, the better

Don't make your users wait for the cashback for 60 or 90 days. Especially today, it is very important to get the all possible rewards right on time.
In case you are in doubt and not quite sure what exactly should be included in your current cashback platform, we will be more than happy to analyze it and provide you honest feedback within a high-quality development plan. Give us a shout!

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