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Cash Back Cookie Checker and Its Key Pitfalls

When the user activates cashback on the store's website, some cookies set certain values. With the help of such cookies, the store knows who will get the lead while purchasing. This means that if someone rewrote this activation, then the activation cookie values will be changed.

Accordingly, the store will not give the order to the affiliate network, and it, in turn, will not deliver the order to the customer, and the user will not receive his cashback. And all because of the 'last cookie wins' rule.

But what we can do is to track these cookie values: trace them when going to the advertiser's website through an activation link and throughout the whole user's shopping trip. Thereby, we are able to take all necessary actions in case of changes (e.g. reset the activation).

Please note, that each store has its own set of cookies and their values. This means that a configuration file should be written for every single tracked store.

However, there is another option which is simpler - to view click-throughs on affiliate links. But it has some drawbacks.
Over 18 years BestToolBars has been working in this business, and we have accumulated dozens of affiliate regulars that are used upon the activation.
We can track clicks on affiliate links that are not committed by us. However, this method is considered to be less reliable.

The list of regulars is constantly changing. There may be links connected to the store on an individual contract, that we are not aware of. Moreover, It is impossible to trace activations made in iFrame and cookie stuffing (fraud).
To conclude, using the cookie-checker will help you not only prevent the loss of users but also increase the number of repeat purchases by boosting loyalty. It will also gradually reduce the load on your support, mainly because the number of requests such as "where is my cashback" will decrease at times.

Give us a shout if you have any further questions.

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