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Why Cashback Apps are Far From a Panacea

Mobile vs Desktop. Oh, this endless battle of opinions & data. Back in the days, in the mid of 2018, based on the results from a couple of projects our team has implemented for the US e-commerce market, we've observed one interesting thing: the average check on a desktop was twice higher than on mobile. Today, when we sit here in 2020, according to recent statistics, while the majority of users might be browsing sites via mobile, the bulk of purchases are still made via desktop.

Out of 57% of mobile traffic, only 37% purchases, where within desktop traffic of 33%, there are 50% of purchases. Mobile leads traffic but desktop delivers sales.
Also, if your site's UI & UX is a perfect place to get lost in, it is much easier for a user to browse around, get the best offers or receive cash backs within the extension.
Does it mean that you should forget about developing any apps or stop constantly improving a mobile version of your website/product?
Definitely, not, but cashback & coupons apps are far from a panacea. In this particular part of e-commerce, mobile can play a role of a good traffic generator, especially when you see that a solid chunk of your conversions come from a desktop, you may even want to offer your users some functionality (e.g. coupon wallet, save for later, etc) that will allow them to come back for an item later (perhaps on a desktop). The other reason is that sometimes consumers do not want to deal with any complications via mobile like filling the form, exposing their payment details, etc.
We bet that in the current #stayhome circumstances, the number of hours that people spend next to their laptops will sharply increase. Although, mobile is still the main device from which consumers access the web, units per order are 25% higher on a desktop than smartphones & tablets.

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