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Just Another Vital Feature For Your Extension

Today, every single technology is aiming to create a complete hands-free life for its users thus inducing automatization wherever it is possible. And it makes sense!
Clearly, when it comes to e-commerce (cashback/coupons/deals) customer journey, users expect it to be efficient, quick, beneficial and automated. Ever heard of auto-apply coupons? Now, keep your eyes wide open and lets see why is it an absolute must-have feature for your extension.

HOW it works

The auto-apply coupon is a feature that allows a user to get the most valuable deal/offer/discount, you name it. The key idea behind it is to provide a customer with a timely opportunity to purchase with a maximum discount/cashback. Basically, what we do is we get coupons from the API and try to apply each one based on the response from the API. At every stage, the system recalls the price that has changed after applying the coupon. After that, we compare prices, detecting the "juicy" coupon and,voilà, the user gets the best deal right on the checkout.

WHY do I need it

By using the auto-apply coupons feature within the extension, the user gets the best discount and/or cashback in just one click, literally. So, basically, you spare the user from surfing all over the net trying to find the most beneficial offer in a category/product of interest.
Example: BIKINI.COM (
Issue: Firstly, when users were entering the store it took them some time to find the best deal out there. There were literally drowning in the number of offers (see video 1). Secondly, there were those users who had no idea that there are any deals exist at all and where to search for it. Which led to a user loss (lead away by a competitor).

Solution: Implementation the auto-apply coupons feature within the browser extension.

Video 1. Without auto-apply coupons

  • Details:

    By implementing the auto-apply coupons feature, users of BIKINI.COM store don't have to spend hours trying to find (manually!) the best offer out there (see video 2). The highest discount aka the best offer in the searched category is now fully automated and requires zero time loss whatsoever. As well as, As a result, the client gets:

    • saved time

    • optimal price

    • great user experience

    • increased customer loyalty

    • improved business competitiveness

Video 2. With auto-apply coupons

Stay tuned to learn more about all key features within the browser extensions.

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