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Reshaping Your E-commerce with Digital Tools. If Not Now, When?

Companies around the world continue adjusting business models and their leaders are hungry for practical ideas for keeping afloat during these uncertain times. And in order to adjust it correctly, you should know all your pain-points and brace yourself to optimize things promptly & qualitatively. You should also be ready to roll-out additional services that will definitely bring more customers or will help to retain them.

For this reason, we've prepared a checklist of essential web extension features that are meant to solve different issues such as low retention rate, lack of user growth, or low ARPU. Take a peek:

  • To increase the retention rate
  • One of the key tools to boost your retention rate is auto-apply coupons. This is an absolute must-have feature to win your customers for life. It allows users to get the best discount and/or cashback in just one click, literally. This means you spare your customers from surfing all over the net trying to find the most valuable offer in a category/product of interest.

  • The other one is the extension deep-linking. It allows returning the user back to the product page from where cashback activation was initiated instead of the merchant home page. Some affiliate networks support the return URL parameter, for other cases extension will return the user to the initial page. Very useful when the user searches product from Google/Bing/etc and arrives at the product page and then activates cashback.

  • Needless to say that the loyalty program is an absolute winner when talking about customer retention. And nothing promotes loyalty as much as a loyalty program. Precisely speaking, custom development of the loyalty program.

  • To grow the user base
  • Do not miss a single user by implementing the pop-up feature, offering to install the extension. It will notify only those shoppers, who are not having one yet.
  • We also know that attractive UI can bring users from competitors. This is where the animated SERP feature steps in. It can blink right in the search and show additional information about deals & offers.
  • Last but not least, consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. So by adding the referral program to your extension will let users invite their close ones and get an additional bonus in return.

  • To boost the ARPU
  • In order to grow the average revenue per user (ARPU), you should implement price comparison or/and price tracker feature. The price comparison feature allows the user to choose the best offer for a particular item from all the merchants. As well as, to activate a cashback/coupon while searching on some 3rd party website. While the price comparison one is designed to timely notify the user of the price drop/change. It can be implemented in the extension or used as a single tool.

  • The other awesome feature is a top shop carousel, which can be thematically divided into categories. If you've got some really good deals and eager to notify your users - this is the best way.

  • And finally, the limited offers support feature can come in very handy when you are planning to announce some offers for a short period of time. In order to keep constant interest to the extension, we can add a notification page for informing users about offers, as well as to display popup messages or add a badge with the number of new offers right on the extension button.
Summing up, there are so many ways and tailored solutions for each case. But one thing is clear: if you are looking to boost and grow not just all these metrics above, but also aiming to increase the average purchase value without spending extra budget for digital marketing & advertising, implementing the browser extension is definitely the key. Ping us for more information!

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