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A Beginner's Guide to the Browser Button and Its Basic Functionality

To start with, the Browser Extension aka Browser Button is one of our leading products and very popular among market leaders in online coupons and cashback sectors. And there are several reasons for that. In case you are not familiar with the whole idea, let's dive into the details.

  • What contribution does it bring in terms of business?

  • What is the key idea behind it?
Basically, the Browser Button helps to eliminate all possible scenarios where you can lose your customers. For instance:

  1. User's shopping journey started from search engines

  2. User's shopping journey started from social media

  3. User's shopping journey started from ads or newsletters

  4. User's shopping journey started from a store page

So the main idea is to return users if the shopping journey is NOT started from the Company's website.
User's journey without the Browser Button to find the deals looks like that:

  1. Finds all available offers for a particular store on the Company's website

  2. Manually copies each coupon code and paste it into the promo field at the store checkout page

Which is not convenient enough and takes much more time.

  • How does it work?
The Browser Button focuses the user's attention on the search results page by highlighting partners' stores.
It doesn't really matter where the shopping journey started from, because the final destination will always be the store page. Isn't it impressive? Moreover, the Browser Button will gently remind your user of the opportunity to save money (when talking about cashback and online coupon platforms).

  • What metrics are affected?
Be ready to see these metrics gradually increasing:

  1. Retention Rate

  2. LTV

  3. Average order value

  4. Number of additional orders per user

  5. Revenue

  • What else?
Now you have the ability to track if your affiliate program link has been rewritten or blocked by a third-party service. Most cashback services lose the affiliate commission in about 13% of cases because users have ad blockers installed. However, the Browser Button helps to fix this issue.

  • Why us?
For over 20 years we deliver top-notch custom browser extension solutions, including mobile apps development for iOS & Android- powered platforms. We at BTB have combined years of experience and analysis of consumer needs to create the best UI and UX. The Browser Button product becomes a Personal SMART Shopping Assistant, where all consumers' needs are just one click away.
So in case you are worried that the user's data won't be protected or that endless alerts will destroy customer loyalty, we can reassure you there is absolutely no need to be concerned. We at BTB know how to develop the extension, in accordance with the GDPR and the world's best practices, and to provide your users only with a positive shopping experience, and at the same allowing you to grow the profit without any additional marketing costs.

Contact us now for more information.
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