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5 Key SEO Trends for E-commerce Businesses in Post-COVID Times

COVID has certainly changed the way we search for things online. And unfortunately, many industries have been affected during this pandemic and have seen a massive decline in traffic and conversions. Overall, total online retail traffic has declined by 9% since March 2020. And based on the latest research, eCommerce conversion rates have only declined slightly, but the long term is looking extremely bright once the world situation with COVID will be eased up. However, now is the best time to restructure and improve your SEO and content strategies according to the new 'normality'.

Here are some points on where you should get started.
  • 1
    Content Marketing
    Continue or start investing in content marketing. As we know, many companies had to their budgets, especially for online activities. But thinking about stopping to produce a new content can do more harm than you think. Sites with a consistent flow of fresh content tend to have higher rankings and higher CTRs, thanks to Google's Freshness Algorithm. Just because your online traffic numbers may be slowing down does not mean that you should hold back on content marketing. The trick here is to keep relevancy as a top priority. As COVID-19 is still the leader in search trends, most brands are jumping on it constantly. However, these topics might not be too relevant for you key audience. We also talked a lot about the quality of the content- try not to be super-focused on sales only, but provide useful, helpful and decent content. Bring all your knowledge and expertise. You should definitely focus more on building trust, loyalty and brand awareness.
  • 2
    In-depth SEO audit
    This is something that you have been probably putting off for a long time. A technical SEO audit is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success once traffic rates pick up again. It is essential to go through all aspects of your platform like your website's structure, tags, mapping and content issues. You should also update the internal linking structure for both mobile and desktop versions. Delete or fix all pages which are no longer relevant (404 errors). It is usually recommended that all of your pages are no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage, so try to separate them into logical categories for easier navigation. Here's a guide to technical SEO for ecommerce that can help you to spot current errors and make real improvements.
  • 3
    Web redesign
    Now maybe a good time to reconsider your eCommerce web design and give a fresh new post-pandemic look. Especially, if it is something that you have been planning for quite some time now. Here we've picked top 6 eCommerce design trends for this year, so check it out for more ideas. Improve your UX/UI, take a closer look at CTRs and bounce rates, update all info on your website. Appearances can have a huge impact on the way that your brand is perceived, and create a customer's trust (distrust).
  • 4
    Online mentions and brand power
    While great SEO content can increase awareness and reach, it's hard to get the most bang for your marketing dollars without a great brand. Google's endless love for "strong brands" is only getting stronger. You can check out the standards laid out in Google's EAT guidelines, brands with more recognition and resources tend to be the products and services people trust. And it doesn't mean that small brands have zero chances. Smaller brands and micro-influencers can drive a ton of engagement if they really understand their niche and values they carry. So by building more recognition, you'll start to get higher in the rankings, reaching more people with your organic content.
  • 5
    Email subscribers list
    Building your subscriber list should be a top priority to generate leads that will be likely to convert after the pandemic. Even though sales might be slowing down, you should still be able to keep your customers engaged, updated and informed. According to a survey from Sprout Social, key reason why consumers are willing to engage with the brand (including social media) is because they were interested in the product, promotions, to receive an incentive, or simply because they found the brand entertaining. So while creating your email content this should be one of your selling points. Provide as much value as possible, that extends beyond sales, offers, promotions. For instance, 'how-to' searches are very popular these days and creating this type of email content can drive your 'signups' and sales.
Undoubtedly, there is no magic bullet to get your platform to the top of the search, but understanding the challenges this year brought us and being able to deal with it effectively can make a huge difference. Make a good refresh for your SEO strategy and give us a shout if you need any further help with it.

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