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5 Bold Tips on how to Increase MAU for Your Extension

For starters, let's see what exactly this metric can reveal. From a business perspective, it is essential to know that your web/app extension is actually being used and is valuable for your customers. MAU (aka Monthly Active Users), determines an online product's general well-being, as well as helps to calculate other vital metrics, e.g. the retention rate relies on data around active users. Moreover, collecting your MAU properly over time can aid to assess the efficiency of marketing campaigns & the quality of user experience.

A high number of active users is, clearly, a good sign. Now, shall we begin?


There are at least 3 different ways on how to re-activate your existing users and encourage them to start using your product/service again.

First off, never underestimate the power of social media. A regular & consistent presence on social goes well with timely engagement campaigns.

Secondly, personalize your email campaigns as personalization is the new black. "Emailing" still gets you the highest ER (engagement rate) in digital marketing, however, there are certain trends for the content which you have to follow up with.

Last, but not least, deep links and push-notifications - essential reactivation tools when it comes to an app.

Infuse new features

You just can't afford to fall behind in digital & UX/UI trends. And, clearly, it takes quite a while to do your "homework" before you decide on what feature to implement next.

From animated extension buttons to price trackers and auto-apply coupons at checkout, yet the list of new must-have features may be improved every month or so. We believe that there is always a place for a change and some awesome innovations which will definitely boost the extension's value in not time.


Hence the fact that the cashback & coupons industry, in general, relies a lot on customer's review & feedback, it is vital to get engaged with the audience, as well as to evaluate every single step you make, e.g. by conducting surveys.


Use the data to strategize

And we are not talking about the big-data thing, but the data you get from your audience on a regular basis is a very powerful tool. Before you decide to launch your offer/discount, go throw the data and see what actually matters to them. Survey results can be also very handy here. Don't forget that your customer preferences might change over time, so get ready to experiment.


Get rid of bugs & lags

Now. Because it completely ruins the whole user experience that you've been working so hard on. Today's users are very picky, especially when it comes to online services. There is no more patience & time for waiting to a page to load, or to do some procedure all over again just because something went wrong on your side. So make sure you fix all bugs & lags timely. Btw, this is one of the things we are good at:)
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